Enrolment Process


After your initial visit, student will be required to take an entrance skills test. This is completed in order to gage each child’s ability and ensure the correct assistance is offered. The entrance examination fee is 100 BHT per student enrolling. Prior to the child’s assessment you will be required to:

  • Complete an Entrance test application. Click here to for download the Entrance test application form
  • Bring a copy of your child’s latest school report.
  • Students entering in every level are required to be tested.

Notification of placement results will be given within a week, at which point a place will or will not be offered.


Places in Primary 4 onward will be offered following an interview with parent and children which will be                          conducted by the Primary administration team, as appropriate. An appointment for the interview will be arranged by the admin office in consultation with parents/guardians


Once you have agreed to take an offer by our school, please submit the required documents as follows:

  1. Student Registration Form: Parents please fill in relevant information on the form carefully and in detail.
  2. One copy of student’s birth certificate, in order to consider nationality and age of enrollment at the proper level. Please note that where documents are not in Thai or English, parents are to have them translated to Thai before submitting them to the school.
  3. One copy of parents’ and student’s household registration: Please include father, mother and student’s household registration.
  4. One copy of both parents’ and student’s passports. Submit copies which include the first page, visa type, and the date the passport expires (for foreign students only).
  5. One copy of student’s transcript: For students who have studied at other schools. If the transcript is not in Thai or English, parents need to translate it to a Thai version, before submission to our school (For students wanting to register at primary level, average scores must be at least 3.00 to be considered for acceptance.
  6. One copy of parent and student’s name change certificate (If any)

Three copies of student’s photograph (2 inch) / Two copies of parent’s photograph (2 inch)


Upon completion of the enrolment process, parents are required to make a full payment of Tuition Fee at the administration office (Please see Admission Information tab for tuition fee information).According to our school’s handbook, your child is required to wear a full school uniform on a daily basis with correct PE or swimming uniform in a separate bag on necessary days. Please contact our administration office for more information about school uniform and other required items.