Kajonkiet Thalang Welcome Messages

President of Kajonkiet School Group


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Ms. Thidaporn Laoviseskul


Vice President of Kajonkiet School Group



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Mr. Permkiet Ketkul


School License Holder


Dear Parents,


As the Licensee of Kajonkiet Thalang School, I welcome you all to the school website where we have basic information regarding student activities and work pieces for parents and for those who show interest in our school. Due to rapid changes in education, we develop our learning management and curriculum continuously and this helps us in preparing our children to have essential skills for their future.


Mrs. Suphattra  Jaruariyanon


School Director


I believe that the best foundation you can give your child when it comes to education is choosing the best school.  The school must be able to provide students an environment that supports them in becoming a good leader in academics. The school must provide teachers that care for your children and give them the best quality education. Furthermore, the school must be able to impart education regarding social and moral values and help students become productive youth who are courageous and are able to express their feelings and emotions.  The school should be able to develop global thinking in students in this high-tech and digital age.


These are some of the reasons why Kajonkiet Thalang School wishes to be a part of your education plan.  We have actually done well over the years and we thank you all for your trust in us and supporting us to be able to produce productive youth for the society in future.


Ms. Rampa Saetan


School Manager


Hello Welcome to Kajonkiet Thalang School Website


There is a saying – “School is like a second home and a teacher is like second parents to students.” Kajonkiet Thalang School is like their second home full of love and warmth. Our teachers foster and teach your children like their own. We give them valuable experiences both in academic and skills development. This is a place where you can find motivation and inspiration for doing good and also guidance on how children should conduct lives in the right way. We love seeing them learn happily here. We can say our students are really happy because they come to school even on weekends. This gives us true pleasure and makes us being proud of what we do.  In addition, our students inspire us to forge ahead. We sincerely hope to be offered the chance to share and impart education to your children in the near future.


Ms. Patpajee Jaruariyanon